Music Recordings

Rehearsal Recordings for Common Thread’s 2017-2018 Season

This is where you can get audio recordings to help you learn our repertoire.

If you are looking for the sheet music, click here instead.

As additions are made throughout the year we will let you know in the Weekly.

How do I download music practice tracks?

Before you begin the download:

  • Firefox for Windows go to: Tools -> Options -> Applications ->
    Choose MPEG Layer3 Audio from the list and set the action to Always ask
  • Firefox for Ubuntu go to: edit >preferences >applications find MP3 audio file and make sure it is always-ask
  • Internet Explorer: right click the mouse and select “Save Target as…”

Select which recordings you want to download

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Alto  |  Bass  |  Soprano  |  Tenor  |  Solo

You Tube links to help you with practicing, more as an indication than as something to imitate literally:

True Colors

Remember that True Colours rehearsal tracks are to be found through this You Tube link, here:

Parts start at these minutes: All parts 0:00 Soprano 3:01 Alto 6:02 Tenor 9:03


Wonfa Nyem

I Can’t Keep Quiet
Original :

Coming Out of Darkness
Original by the Social Mystics :

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Paul Robeson :
Choir (2nd verse is 1 tone higher) :

Alle Brider
Choir :

Would You Harbour Me?
Original, Sweet Honey on the Rock:
Chamber group :

Choir :
Info :

Common Thread
CT choir :

We Are Gentle Angry People
Holly Near original:

This Land Is Your Land
Canadian version :
Woody Guthrie :
Presidential Inaugural concert :

If I Could Build A New World Social Mystics rehearsal recording: